This fine art work represents like an encyclopedia, a collection of different scenes based on a strong concept: The act of an anticipation knowledge of an intentional revenge. We play with the tension sensation through aesthetic shots of different weapons and objects about to destroy a product that kills thousands of people every day.

At present, the consumption of tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the world. People that consume tobacco are conscious about its long term damage. This addiction, is the representation of a long term predictable and preventable end of life.
Text & Image: Fragmento Universo

This video was born thanks to a compilation of different actions happening surrounding us. When we were having lunch on a terrace and someone on the table next to us started to smoke. 
When we were walking on the street and watched how someone just throws a cigarette to the floor. When we were speaking to someone and he exhales tobacco smoke on your face. These and many other reasons, leaded us to make this kind of piece.

Christian Baumgartner, 2021